• Brick House Sparrows

Words Matter

Updated: Jan 19, 2018

Never, ever, ever underestimate the power your words can have -- Jeff Goins

At Brick House Sparrows we believe that words matter. Your words whether filled with love or hate, kindness or ignorance carry weight. We were brought up in a house where words mattered. We had a list of words that were NOT ALLOWED. I’m not talking about your average curse words. I’m talking about words like stupid, shut up, hate. Yep, even hate was off the table. That apparently was too strong of a feeling for someone so young to have about anything,haha-truth. The R word? Please...the whole country NOW talks all about how & why you shouldn’t say the R word.

Back in the 70’s you'd better not let our Mom or Dad hear that word slip from your lips. That’s just how were were raised, that’s how our children are raised. Words matter. If you don’t think so then try and remember the last time your child said, I love you or someone told you you were beautiful. Still not sure, now remember being in about 7th grade and someone calls you ugly or stupid or fat (all curse words in our house.) Even as grown women someone can say just the right string of words & throw them at you at just the right time and they can cut right through you leaving you raw, exposed, hurt.

Or.. there are other times when a women can say just the right string of words & offer them to you at just the right time and they fill you up, lift you out of a funk & put a smile on your face. So, our question for you, if you now see how words can hurt or words can heal how will choose your next string of words? Words Matter. #wordsmatter


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