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What's in a Name?

Updated: Jan 19, 2018

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” –T. Roosevelt

It’s silly for me to admit this but as a sensitive, introverted kid, growing up in Philadelphia in the 1980s was hard for me. I remember feeling like the rest of the world lived in a house like on Growing Pains, not a tiny little old row home on a loud, busy main street. The creaky steps and the cracked plaster walls fueled my discontent and longing for the white picket fence childhood. I used to feel like one of the birds in our neighborhood that only had one or two trees to sit in. I used to wonder why they didn’t just fly to Pennypack park. Why would they stay on our street?

One day, my sister and I helped my parents rip up our old green carpets. As we pulled at the ancient dirty rugs, the most beautiful wood floors were unearthed. We expected hard wood floors, what we didn’t expect was the beautiful cherry inlay pattern that boarded the entire first floor. My dad explained to us that this was one of the many things made our house so special. This tiny house was built from bricks and wood, not sheet rock and particleboard. On the outside it blended in with the rest of the homes on the street, but once you were inside, you knew it was special.

The birds knew too. Those Philadelphia birds named House Sparrows were happy to perch themselves on a wrought iron railing, or a telephone wire next to a hanging pair of Chuck Taylors and sing until their hearts' are content.

This is why the name of our company  is Brick House Sparrows. We’re three sisters who were brought up to make the best with what we have; and the more we have the more we share. Our house is one of a strong foundation and that’s the best thing we can share. Of course there’s so much more to our story and. Stay with us as we share more and more.

-Margaret Mary


Collegeville PA 19426 USA