• Brick House Sparrows

The Start of Brick House Sparrows

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

Two years ago something started to stir in me but I kept ignoring it. This idea slowly whispered to me over & over again, showing up in all areas of my life wearing many names & many faces but I ignored it. A few months ago I couldn't shake it so I decided to get very quiet & to go deep. I showed up every morning listening & waiting for clarity.

Then on 10/24/16 while listening to a podcast I was overcome with a fully formed, in complete Wizard of Oz color business idea. But the hitch was it was more than a business idea it needed to be about something bigger than money & needed to be with 2 very specific people, my sisters. I sent my sisters a text & they responded with Yes, all in!

So here we are: Brick House Sparrows & off we go! I would love your support and would love for you to follow along with us on this new journey. We're sharing slowly so be patient with us.

Remember, my dear, patience is a virtue.


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Collegeville PA 19426 USA