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Remember Love

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

All the good books, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the Holy Bible, Love Warrior tell us the same thing:

Love conquers all.

Raise your hand if even though that’s ingrained in your brain, you need a reminder now and then of what that really means.  Yup, we do too.

Here’s what it means to us:

  • A sister putting your wisdom teeth extraction on her credit card because you barely made rent that month.

  • A husband who will literally stop what he is doing because you need him for something even though he warned you that you were taking on too much.

  • A son who cares for his aging parents the way no one else can.

  • A busy small business owner who takes care of her kids and her customers but makes time to organize a coat and food drive for people she’s never met. Year after year.

  • A friend who forgives you when you flake because she knows you just get overwhelmed sometimes and she’ll take any time with you she can get.

Sometimes like everyone else,  when I open my news feed,  I just get so discouraged. My heart hurts when I read what is happening in the world some days. Then just when I need them, I get reminders like the random ones I listed above and I carry on.

We have created our latest design to do just that. When life gets you down.

So, keep your head up, my love. Check out our new tee here! #tees #fashion #wordsmatter #inspiration

-Margaret Mary

Collegeville PA 19426 USA