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Jewelry that is as Meaningful as it is Beautiful

Updated: Jan 21, 2018

I used to have a theory that a woman either is or isn't into jewelry. For most of my life, I just thought I wasn’t. Growing up, like every other girl in Philly back then, Kelly and I had our gold chains and charms, and rings with our initials on them. I guess back then jewelry was more symbolic and meaningful rather than simple adornment.  Everyone had a gold charm for every facet of their personality. This I liked. My Italian horn, Claddagh and little ballerina and spoke to who I was then.

Once I entered the grunge era and those gold charms went out of style, pairing down my look became important to me. This is when I  gave up on jewelry. I had a few very cheap silver rings that I would wear until I lost them, but nothing precious until I got engaged.  When my now husband picked out my engagement ring he selected a classic style that I instantly loved. To this day, I wonder how he knew what I'd like since I didn't even know what I liked.

For years the rings he picked out for me were all the jewelry I’d wear. Then I began working for a corporation with lots of

polished women who really into jewelry. There was one woman whose jewelry game particularly intimidated me. Janet always wore lots of bracelets, one or two necklaces, and earrings every day. Strangers would comment on her bracelets and ask if they were from a designer I’d never heard of. Everyone seemed to be into this stuff but me. I decided I wouldn't even try to compete in this arena. I may try to up my handbag game, or even upgrade my wardrobe at times, but I knew just couldn’t get into jewelry.

One day Janet told me that she was thinking about designing her own jewelry. I knew that she was into beads and gems, their qualities, their meanings,  but until then I didn’t know how truly passionate she was about design or how inspired she was by nature. I was happy for Janet when she began creating these amazing pieces by making impressions of real leaves into sterling silver clay and other precious metals. I thought "good for her, having this creative outlet!" As someone who isn't into jewelry, I didn't expect to completely fall in love with her designs immediately.

The first piece she made for me was a mint leaf (mint for M) with each of my children’s birthstones on it.   I had been looking for a mother’s ring or necklace for a while and never found one that wasn't flashy or cheesy. THIS  piece was me. That was my first of many Woods and Willow pieces.  On the Woods and Willow site, Janet explains the beautiful story about the inspiration for her designs that I would encourage everyone to read.   But I buy her jewelry because it is ME. It really is. It’s the right mix of precious, classic, yet rustic.  Since every single piece is designed with a special meaning, I wear one whenever I need a reminder of what is important....which is almost every day.

After we launched Brick House Sparrows, I casually mentioned to Janet that Kelly was considering creating a wrap bracelet for BHS. She barely let me finish my sentence as the ideas flowed from her creative mind. I have to admit when Janet insisted we use the “Let her be Light” graphic for the charm, I was humbled and honored.   The woman whose designs rekindled my love for meaningful jewelry found one of Brick House Sparrows' creations meaningful to her.  To me, this was the highest honor BHS could receive.

The final design proved to be more amazing than any of us could’ve imagined! The weathered look, the softest, softest leather make it perfect!  Once I put the bracelet on I didn't want to take it off and I really couldn't wait until we could share it with everyone.  Please check out the fruits of this collaboration by clicking here! #jewelry

-Margaret Mary

Collegeville PA 19426 USA