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Updated: Jan 21, 2018

We've got something new for you that was inspired by all the fierce women we know who dare to take on the impossible!

What seems impossible to you right now?  Could it be finally cleaning out your garage, speaking up for your kid at an IEP meeting, beginning chemotherapy, walking out of a job and into the unknown because you deserve more, going back to school, leaving a relationship or just getting out of bed?

Life can feel impossibly hard.  Sometimes you may feel like you're not strong enough for what lies ahead.  We get that and we're here to remind you that you are!  You so are!

Whatever your "impossible" is, you can do it because


We've created our new Brick House Sparrows originals just to remind you of that. Check out the newest design, 2 brand new styles and colors too! #tees #fashion #inspiration #wordsmatter

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