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Fueled by Chocolate Rewarded with Wine

Updated: Jan 21, 2018

In almost every respect, Kelly and I are very different. She loves pilates and finding vegetarian recipes.  I love Netflix and ordering take out. She makes her own sandwich bread....I make my kids PB&J on hot dog buns.

However, one thing we will always have in common is our love for the finer treats like chocolate and wine.  For as long as she's been a mom, my sister has always kept a small stash of chocolate hidden in her kitchen.  I have one in my desk at work.  Maybe we get this from my mom who used to "hide" her beloved Whoppers in her room and have a couple at night after the chaos of raising 4 kids finally quieted down.

A few years ago Kelly posted something funny on Facebook:

So for Christmas, Lee and I surprised her by creating shirts with her new slogan for all of us.

That shirt cracks me up every time I wear it and it's super comfy too. So, we decided it was time to share our funny slogan with everyone but on a more modern and even comfier tee.

Go check it out here!

We want you to wear it in the spirit of:

  • Sisterly love

  • All the selfless women who treat themselves to small simple pleasures

  • Chocolate and Wine

#wineandchocolate #sisters #tees #fashion

-Margaret Mary

Collegeville PA 19426 USA